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It’s not about the words.

Strange thing for a copywriter to say I know.

But hear me out on this.

It’s not the words that do most of the work.

Sure they’re critical to persuading people to act.

But before you write them you must have done your research and thinking.

You need a a great idea before you write the words.

This is a skill every copywriter should have. But sadly not all do.

Without a great idea behind your words your marketing will not perform as well as it should.

You can prove that for yourself by doing this simple exercise.

Do a Google search for what you do.

Then look at the sites running ads as well as the top 5 sites in the search results.

Write down every claim they make as to why you should choose them.

If a claim is repeated put a tick next to it each time.

Then do the same with all the claims you make.

How different are they to all the others? Assume you know nothing. Is it clear why you are the best choice for what you do?

Not are you. But is it clear.

I’m guessing you have some thinking to do to get clearer on your message. Almost everyone does.

But now you know you need a great idea BEFORE you can write the words that will move potential clients to choose you.