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Words are tools.

People’s brains are the canvas we paint on.

Or more accurately they paint on.

We just supply the raw material, and their brain does the rest.

As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, that’s somewhat true.

Visuals are powerful. But the best marketers use words to create the powerful visual image in the minds of potential clients.

Just like the best songwriters do.

Just like the smart politicians do.

They give us clues that our brain can interpret.

We all remember “I’m going to build a wall”.

Those words create a powerful visual in people’s minds.

Easy to understand.

But even though we have all experienced the power of words to paint pictures in our mind we forget to do it when we create our own marketing.

The English Teacher takes over and we write grammatically correct. Proper sentences. Big words. The trouble is that’s now how paint word pictures.

You do it by speaking to human nature.

You do it by speaking to emotion.

You do it by telling stories.

You lay the foundation and your client does the rest.

Imagine how much more you will sell when you translate your marketing message into real human experience.

The smart marketers always do it, but there needs to be more of them.

I hope you’ll now join them.