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I ran a poll recently asking what the favourite method of outreach was. Email was the winner by a decent margin.

Like any outreach method it can be done poorly or it can be done well.

Since you have just a few seconds to make an impression here’s some tips to help you write better outreach emails.

1. Get to the point quickly.

2. Have an attention getting, not salesy, subject line.

3. Make sure your email is about something the receiver cares about.

4. Have one goal for the email. I suggest a micro commitment that gets the receiver to indicate they would like to know more.

5. Only email the decision maker.

6. Don’t rely on just one email. Have a follow up strategy that includes more than just email.

7. Don’t talk about what you do talk about what you can do for them.

8. Use simple language and avoid jargon.

9. Show them you’ve done your research and understand their business.

10. Choose the right time of the day. This will depend on who you’re writing to. But if you send outside business hours there is a better chance you’ll get past the gatekeeper to the intended receiver.

Email can be powerful. Use it wisely and only as part of an overall strategy to reach the people you really need to reach.