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Something we hold as true even if there’s evidence that strongly contradicts it.

We are ruled by our beliefs.

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They take time to develop.

They take a long time to change. Often they don’t change at all over our lifetime.

If you want to have REAL influence over anyone you have to understand their beliefs.

You then need to tie your marketing message to show them how doing what you want is acting in accordance with their beliefs.

Of course this can be used in a manipulative way.

But if you’ve been reading these posts you know I only recommend doing things that are clearly in the best interests of the other person.

Influence is a tool. How you use it is up to you.

Here’s one easy way to find what people believe.

Look at what they post about and argue about online.

Twitter is especially good for this.

Tune into understanding beliefs and you become a powerfully influential person.