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Fact is we all do.

We are metaphorically looking for somewhere to plug our umbilical cord in.

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We crave validation and mistakenly think it comes from outside ourselves.

But as marketers, knowing this transforms the power of our marketing.

It makes clients deeply feel you know and care about them.

You (the client) want.

Somewhere you belong.

Somewhere you feel welcome.

Somewhere the people like you and are like you.

You see it in political tribes.

You see it on social media (especially Twitter).

If your marketing helps people feel validated you have them.

But you can only validate someone if you understand their world at a very deep level.

This is why most marketing fails.

The marketer is too lazy to go deep enough into the client.

You have to actually become a ‘method marketer’.

This means you become your client. Or at least you do everything you can to become them.

And you know what?

It’s not as hard as you may think.

It demands you commit to doing it.

Then you just need to be curious.

All the information you need is available.

In fact a lot of it you can get from your existing clients.

Take time the time to deepen your client understanding.

Find the things you need to validate.

Use them in every piece of marketing you produce.

Amaze yourself with how powerful a marketer you’ve become.

Do the work others don’t. Reap the rewards others won’t.