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Read this post or die!

Now that’s a pretty dramatic opening line.

So where am I going with this?

I want to make a point about attention.

How there is a fierce battle being waged for it. And if you want to win you can’t keep serving up vanilla messaging.

Now you don’t have to do what I did at the start of the post.

But you do need a point of view.

You do need to stand against something.

You do need to stand for something.

You have to be prepared to ‘go there’. Most of you reading this post won’t.

That’s a shame. Because it means that your wonderful product will keep getting less attention and sales than it should.

I don’t want that for you. So here’s something you should do.

Send me a message here with ‘I Need Attention’ at the top. I will then ask you a couple of questions. If I believe I can help you get more attention in your market then I’ll offer to jump on a free call with you to brainstorm ideas.

Your move!