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The marketing lesson from a brand of beer you may never have heard of.

The beer is Schlitz. It became one of America’s most popular brands of beer many years ago.

It happened fast. Here’s how it happened.

Advertising man Claude Hopkins came in to create some new ads. He did his research which included a tour of the factory.

At the time all the beer makers talked about ‘pure’ as selling point. But Claude saw an opportunity hiding in plain sight.

He looked at all the steps taken to brew ‘pure’ beer and was fascinated by them. He asked the company why they weren’t telling the story. The answer?

Because everyone makes beer the same way. But what he realised was that the first company to tell the story would gain a tremendous marketing advantage. He did just that and they rose to become a dominant selling beer brand.

Here’s the lesson. You have an interesting story about your business hidden in plain sight. You probably don’t appreciate how powerful it can be, because it’s familiar to you.

But if you get an experienced fresh set of eyes to look at your business they will find it. Then they can help you tell it in the most powerful way possible.

Maybe you’ll be the next Schlitz of your category. But only if you take action today.