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Hardly anyone wants to use their brain.

It’s easier to delegate to someone or something (AI) else.

But your brain is designed to be used.

It’s immaculately designed to do amazing things, like keep you alive.

It’s the original supercomputer and can so things supercomputers can’t.

Like make connections between things and form them into ‘new’ ideas.

But you have to train it.

If you never train your muscles what happens?

They get weak and can’t perform.

Your brain is the same.

Use it or lose it.

Here are few simple things you can to to train your brain daily.

  1. Walk. It’s amazing how much brains love walking and reward with you new ideas and lower stress.
  2. Mediate. A moment of stillness in a noisy world is like health food for your brain.
  3. Learn something new. Doesn’t matter what it is just something new.
  4. Study a different point of view. The more different to yours the better. Ask yourself how could this be right?
  5. Read. Netflix or any streaming service is fast food for the brain. Feels good, but isn’t good for you.
  6. People watch. Not in a creepy way. Just observe people around you as you go about your day.

In an age where people are using their brains less, use yours more.

It’s the one thing that guarantees you a safe and secure future.