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Do you need a nudge?

If you’re human the answer is normally yes.

Unless you are in some form of pain and someone is offering the solution to it you can out off buying till later.

That’s where a nudge comes in.

A nudge is something that moves a potential client to action. Very often it’s quite small.

Nudges that can work include:

A deadline for some special offer (must be real).

A valuable bonus that is only available for a limited time.

I really love the second one. Bonuses often cost you very little but can get people very excited if they are truly valuable.

In fact yesterday it was valuable bonuses that moved to me to invest in a package of copywriting training. You can never learn too much.

But the interesting thing is the offer had been live for about a week. I had multiple copywriters promoting it to me. They all had some form of bonus. But one was more valuable than any other. It was that bonus that got me to buy.

Without that bonus I would likely not have bought. As a side note it’s fascinating to watch copywriters battle each other for bragging rights about who sold the most packages.

Do you have a valuable bonus you can offer to get more people saying yes to your offer?