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You’re not Gary V.

You don’t have his army of minions.

So you can’t apply the same strategies.

Hustle. Hustle again. Be everywhere all the time.

I’m exhausted, just typing it.

So what’s the alternative?

I call it ‘pick a platform’.

Choose one place your dream clients are hanging out and paying attention.

Start marketing there.

Day in, day out.

Consistency is the killer marketing app few talk about.

Try every tactic you can. Learn and improve as you go.

Accept you will mistakes. It’s human and it’s OK.

Accept you will get trolled. It’s human and not OK, but it happens.

Aim for small improvements each day.

Read and expand your mind the new possibilities.

Try some out. See what sticks.

Expand what works. Kill what doesn’t. Then create systems to make your life easier.

Only then look at new platforms.

You need some diversity to protect your business but only once you succeed somewhere first.