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I’ll give you 3 seconds.

Ready? Go.

One, two, three.

This is what a potential client does on your website. You have 3 seconds to grab them.

Can they tell immediately what you do? Can they tell immediately who you do it for? Can they tell immediately what they should do next?

I look at sites every day and 9 out of 10 fail these simple tests.

Then the owners say websites don’t work. They don’t do the work to make them work is the honest truth.

Yesterday I reviewed one that had recently received USD250 million in funding.

But on their site I couldn’t work exactly what they do. Makes you wonder what they said in the pitch to get the massive funding.
I predict that they will go under like many start-ups. How can I tell?
Simple. If you can’t explain clearly what you do to potential clients you are gone.

The world doesn’t have time to figure out what you do. They’ll just go to someone else.